Voice Overs for Corporates

Having an audio production created for business is a very clever teaching and marketing strategy. Corporate presentations are commonplace now for training and coaching purposes and allow the productions to be viewed over and over without having the need for a lecturer present, making them very time and cost effective.

Typically, the larger corporations have professionally produced audio productions created using specialized voice artists, though small business could cut costs in the long run by utilizing the same practice for training employees.  Situations such as inductions for new employees can be time consuming and having such a production to do the work for you, frees up time otherwise spent training. Firms with a high staff turnover could benefit immeasurably from such corporate presentations.

Marketing is another way to benefit from audio productions.  Having your sales campaign professionally produced by a natural sounding voice artist with a good reputation instills confidence and trust in consumers.  It is a smart strategy to use a reputed artist that has been heard and accepted already by the public on communication media such as radio or television.  Make sure not to use a voice artist that has been over exposed, as you may risk losing the attention of prospective customers.  Annoying mundane voice-overs will not do your business justice either.

Messages on hold programs require the skills of talented voice artists. This is a fantastic opportunity to drive your message directly into the ears of the people who have been placed on hold; they have little choice but to tune in. Statistics show that people placed on hold actually do listen to what is being conveyed to them. This is when you can inform them of your products, services, upcoming events, imminent sales campaigns and general information relating to your business.

You may have noticed in-store radio stations on occasions when you have been in a department store.  Customised messages are played in the background delivering information tailor made to that specific store.   Certain businesses even have televisions playing their audio productions through out the store.  By employing a good voice over artist to help design such productions brings professionalism to your media creations.

When designing corporate presentations or audio productions, be certain to use quality voice over artists and top quality equipment to avoid poor sound quality.  Employ professional services with reputable voice artists who can make words come to life and connect directly with your audience.

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