The Science of Junk Food

Junk food manufacturers have perfected the delicate balance of the science of junk food and its effect on comsumer behaviour. Industry giants spend thousands of dollars on research and development each year, trying to find that perfect balance between nutrition, taste and cost. Most, unfortunately, have realised that healthy nutritious products don't sell as well as the original, full fat sugar and salt loaded versions. 

Nutritionists and governments are starting to put pressure on these giant coroprations, however, due to the huge increase in type 2 diabetes, and the rising amounts of adults and children classified as overweight or obese. More than fourteen million Australians fall into this category, and statitians are claiming that if this epidemic continues at the current rates, by 2025,almost 80% of adults and 30% of children will be overweight or obese. 

apple vs hamburgerSo why is our nation following America in this slide towards the plus sizes? There are many different opinions from factors like an increased stress factor to increased workplace requirements, as well as the easy availability of unhealthy fast food and snacks and the cost and lowered popularity of the healthier alternatives. It makes sense, though take for example, a busy working mum, who has increased work committments due to company downsizing, and after working late and picking up the kids from after school care, suddenly realises there is nothing for dinner. Instead of making a healthy meal, its so much easier and sometimes even cheaper to drive through Maccas on the way home. Or when she is packing lunches for the kids, the easily snack sized packaging of those chips and sugary muesli bar are much quicker than slicing up carrots or making homemade healthy biscuits or muffins. 

The manufacturers are also very smart in that they do extensive research to find the sweet spot of the balance of flavour and ability to eat large amounts of the product. For example, you may love the taste of a rich chocolate cake but after a few bites you are finished because the flavour is so intense. Manufacturers work to minimise this flavour burst so that you enjoy the flavour, but dont get overwhelmed by it. After all, if they can get you to eat an entire chocolate cake in one sitting instead of just 1 piece, then they will sell more chocolate cakes. 

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