What Australians can Learn from Finland’s Top Rated in the World School System

finlandmapMost of us know Finland as that little country in the north of Europe, where they probably eat a lot of fish, and where Nokia first came from. But Finland has a lot more than that going for it. Rated number one on the world for best countries to live in due in part to their high acedemic scores, Finland is a country that is fast rising in the world radar. 

So what sets the Fins apart from the rest of us? For starters, all their schools are public, including universities. This allows for all residents regardless of income or location to have the same opportunities as everyone else. And available free of cost to all students are lunch meals, health care, psychological counseling, and individualized student guidance. 

Secondly, they have no standarized testing, except one at the end of their equivalent of high school. Instead, the teachers are trained to assess their students in a classroom setting using independent tests they create themselves. At the end of each semester each child receives a report card based on this grading system. To get an idea of the national progess and status, the Department of Education does sample tests periodically throughout the year, taking samples from different schools. This puts the focus on employing high quality teachers who really care about their students. 

The Fins have a different approach to life as well, they are actually uncomfortable with the idea of competition, preferring the principles of equality for all. This means that rather than working against each other or trying to climb over each other for success, they prefer to work together and make sure that all people get the same opportunities for greatness. 

There are some great character traits here that we as Australians could take to heart. Although I do believe a certain amount of competition is healthy and keeps you motivated, there is also such a thing as too much, especially when it means you are stepping on top of others in order to get ahead. At Corporate Sound, we make every effort to stay one step ahead of our competitors by continuing to create professional voice overs and audio productions. By providing great products teamed with attentive customer service, and market competative pricing, we are able to stay at the top of our market without taking advantage of others. Try us out today to see the difference. 

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