South Korean Beauty Clones Compete in Pageant

korean pageant winners plastic surgery

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This is definitely the case for these Korean beauty pageant contestants who have taken the idea of beauty a step too far. Subscribing to a standard of beauty that is apparently very rigid, these contestants have used plastic surgery to try to achieve a certain look. 

Unfortunately since that look is very much the same, these contestants look eerily similar. It might be due to the fact that South Korea has the highest plastic surgery rate per capita in the world. Apparently 1 in every 5 women living in the capital Seoul between the ages of 19 and 49 have had plastic surgery done. 

What sort of message is this portraying to the young girls that watch these pageants? They are already exposed to incredibly high standards of unattainable beauty thanks to the prolific use of photoshop in high fashion magazines, but now even the "real people" aren't natural anymore and have made major modifications to their appearance.

I think its time society started to put more stock in those things that are true and real, in all areas of lfe, to move past the smoke and mirrors and be honest with each other. Honesty is a policy we believe in at Corporate Sound, where we do our business based on what is good for the customer as well as what is good for us. When you come to us for a voiceover, you can rest assured that we will not overwhelm you with smooth talking salesman trying to upsell you with big fancy words. Our work speaks for itself, and with a long line of happy customers in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and even worldwide, we can guarantee that you will be happy with your voice over project or audio production. Contact us today for more info.

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