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Strategic Social Media Planning

Is your business on social media? We are afterall, in the digital age, where Gen X-ers and Y-ers are constantly glued to their smart phones and tablets, Baby Boomers are getting hang of this internet thang, and we are all … Continue reading

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Is your Business Working Smarter?

After indulging in my weekly fix of business marketing blogs and news, I came across an interesting read on Smart Company, ‘Small business owners wasting time on administrative tasks’, the article focusses on a report that was commissioned by small … Continue reading

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Australia’s Falling Economy and your Business

If you listen to some people, the Australian economy is all doom and gloom at the moment. What with the falling Australian dollar, the fading of the mining industry, Australian manufactoring taking a huge backstep (think Ford), a massive hole … Continue reading

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Banking on Big Business

The big boys are the ones that many smaller businesses are chasing, and why wouldn’t you, at the end of the day these guys provide a consistent flow of work, pay a decent fee, give you great experience and also … Continue reading

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