Australia’s Falling Economy and your Business

The Australian Economy and your businessIf you listen to some people, the Australian economy is all doom and gloom at the moment. What with the falling Australian dollar, the fading of the mining industry, Australian manufactoring taking a huge backstep (think Ford), a massive hole in the Australian budget, and of couse the big one, the impending federal election of 2013.

Both businesses and consumers alike are questioning the economy, and seem to be too scared to spend, even with the recent interest rate cuts.

The Positive Spin
However, there are certainly two ways of looking at our declining economy. I mean, unemployment is relatively low and salaries are fairly good. It is also widely reported that Australians are saving more than ever, and according to the ING DIRECT Financial Well-being Index, the average household has $15,427 in the bank.

So compared to the rest of the world, Australia is not fairing too badly. But what does the falling economy mean for your business?

There are many businesses reporting that the present economy is certainly having an impact on their business; however, they are still striving forward, ready to embark on the next Australian economical chapter. With the reclining resources boom, Australia will be dependent on the services industry, and all Australian businesses will have to work harder to support our nation.

With the falling Australian dollar, Australians may be forced to return to shopping with Australian retailers, rather than overseas online retailers. Furthermore, the falling Australian dollar may even tempt foreign investors to return to the land downunder.

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