The 2013 Federal Election

Can you believe it is that time again? At the last election, Julia Gillard won a second term; only just beating opposition leader Tony Abbot (Liberal National Coalition) after labour formed a minority government with the support of three MPs and one Australian Greens MP. This election however, will be vastly different, now that Kevin Rudd is back in leadership, after kicking out Gillard who initially kicked out Rudd … can you keep.

This election certainly has given Australia something to think about; so many varying factors that will definitely reside in many thoughts over the coming days.

Do we vote for a government who has changed leaders more times than we change underwear? Though, a government that has a much more articulate leader, who is more equipped at public speaking than his opponent. The Labour party also has strong policies for environment, health, welfare and education, not to mention, they offer the better alternative for our National Broadband Network – but can we really afford it? In fact, can we really afford to continue spending like the Labour party has done? $30 billion deficit anyone.

The Liberal National party on the other hand, represents change and a chance to see how our country will evolve under a new leadership. The Liberals have historically bought the country into surplus, whilst the Labour party is renowned for getting us into debt.

Either way, this election will impact on Australia’s future, your future. Make sure you take the time to vote this Saturday. Have your say, because at the end of the day, the party that gets in will effectively impact you in the long run.

Corporate Sound has been keeping an eye on the campaigns of both the big parties, and we will be eagerly awaiting the final results. How will your business be affected by our future government?

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