The Launch of iTunes Radio

itunes RadioThis morning Apple released the new iPhone; and with hundreds of people lined up outside each Apple store it is likely to set major sales records. In conjunction with this realise, Apple has also launched their new iTunes Radio.

Businesses think of the potential for your audio advertising.

As it is part of iTunes and iOS, iTunes Radio will be part of a worldwide software update, and will now be available on millions of phones and iPads throughout the world.

This simple interface is user friendly, and all users will need to do is search for the artist or song title of their choice and select, iTunes Radio will then use the compiled music and select tunes that are the same genre and create a personalised radio station for the user.

And with a library of a reported 27 million songs, iTunes definitely has the competitive advantage.

Like every other radio station, the personalised iTunes Radio will feature advertisements every 15 minutes, giving businesses the chance to leverage off iTunes’ ability to reach their millions upon millions of users. Though we doubt advertising through this channel will be cheap.

Think of the possibilities if iTunes does offer audio advertising opportunities. Based on music selection, businesses will easily be able to better identify their target demographics and execute a much more targeted campaign.

iTunes is just one of the worldwide platforms that is revolutionising audio advertising. There is so much potential, a much larger reach and more creative ways than ever before to really capture your audiences attention.

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