Top Performing Films in Australia 2013

The year that is and soon to be ‘was 2013” brought us a wide range of movie spectacular (and some duds); and if the figures for the Australian box office is anything to go by, Australians choice of genre is varied with a mixture of super hero, drama, romance, fantasy and action all making an appearance in the top 5 grossing films in the Australian film box office for 2013.

The Best Performer: Iron Man 3

Prequels and squeals don’t usually rate so well, but it Iron Man 3 defied the statics and was rated as Australia’s most successful film for 2013, brining in a staggering $39million. Maybe it’s the rush of all the action, or merely Robery Downey Jr’s charisma that has Australians coming back for more, either way the movie was a big hit downunder and obviously had more punch than Superman or Thor.


Second Place: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Coming in at second place, and bringing in $36 million was the sequel to Hunger Games; Hunger Games Catching Fire. If you had your nose stuck in these books, then you will be pleasantly surprised with this movie recreation, and it appears so to is the rest of Australia.

Third Place: Despicable Me 2

Not trailing too far behind the Hunger Games is another sequel, this time an animation Dispicable Me 2, which brought in $35.5 million to the Australian Box Office. Full of humour and eye popping fun, it is easy to see why this film rated so well with the Aussies.

Quite astonishing really that the top 3 are all sequels and faired extremely well in the box office. Coming in fourth place was the Life of Pi, followed by Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

If you are a movie buff like me, then you will be excited to see what 2014 brings, with various great movies set to hit our screens in the New Year, watch this spot for next year’s review of the top performing films.

Here’s to a great 2013, and an even better 2014.

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