Top 5 Business Apps Online

If you have a business in this day and age, then it will pay off if you and your business is digital savvy. The digital revolution brings with it some handy little apps to help you manage your business. Below is a list of the team from Corporate Sound’s top 5 business apps online today.

Drop Box

If you like to capture lots of photographs of your products, office or even photographs or videos for promotional use, then Dropbox is a great application to have on your phone. Drop Box is a storage solution, that as soon as you take a photograph or a video on your phone, it backs them up and saves them in the clouds – so if you lose your phone, you won’t lose your photographs. You can also set up drop box on your PC, laptop and tablet. Drop Box gives you 2GB of free space, and then you pay for additional storage. Well worth it, if keeping a back up is important to you.

MyBiz Plan

If you are starting a new business in Australia, then you will most certainly want to make sure you have a business plan. The Australian government has designed a free interactive app that guides you through planning a strategy – ultimately, devising a structured plan for your business.

Office Mobile

If you are like every other business in the country, then chances are you are using Office Suites on your computers. Imagine having them on your phone as well! Office Mobile makes this possible, and you will be able to open and edit office documents, and save and sync documents in the Cloud. This is not a free app, but most certainly worth it, if you like working on the go.

GoTo Meetings

If your business requires you to attend many meetings, then GoTo Meetings allows you to set up a meeting no matter where you are. If your phone has a camera and a screen, then you can join any web conference or webinar from your phone. Best of all, you can upload your office documents such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint during your presentations.

Google Maps

If you do a lot of travel for your business, then Google Maps will help you find away. Regardless of whether you are a business or not, you should have Google Maps on your phone. Google Maps is a GPS based map guide, and all you simply need to do is put the address of where you want to go, and Google Maps will get you there.

The world is a totally different place today, and with digital media we have so many ways to simplify the way we live. There are some really great apps out there that can help manage your business, so start searching and simplify your life.

At Corporate Sound we love change, hell look at audio advertising, once upon a time you would only hear audio advertisement on the radio and television – nowadays, it is distributed online, by CD, in-store and on your telephone lines. So if you want to get the most out of your audio advertising, give us a call today.

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