Just Another Reason to Invest in Messages On Hold

Messages on hold

Apart from being an extremely important marketing portal for your business, telephone messages on hold supplied by Corporate Sound can also save you hundreds of dollars in fees. That’s right, the likes of the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) are well within their rights to charge businesses for playing commercial radio and music tracks on their telephone lines.

If you are playing protected sound recordings, then you could be hit with charges of up to:

1- 5 lines: $295.83
6 – 10 lines  $455.70
11 – 20 lines  $820.51
20 – 50 lines $1,634.17
51 – 100 lines   $2,886.58
101 – 200 lines  $5,165.06
200+ lines At least $8,816.95

Download APRA’s fees by clicking here

Download PPCA’s fees by clicking here

These prices are subject to change, and are more than likely to increase on an annual basis.

Corporate Sound – On Hold Messaging Systems

By purchasing an outright telephone message on hold program from Corporate Sound, you can safely cut out the above mentioned fees, and only have to worry about paying for a service devoted to promoting your business and its products and services. Corporate Sound are registered with APRA and the PPCA and all of our productions are safely within their guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about ever receiving a bill from them.

Customised Telephone Messages On Hold vs. Radio

Apart from the enormous fees for playing radio to your callers on hold, you are also at risk of advertising your customers. Imagine … your competitors have a radio campaign playing on the radio station you play to your callers on hold; chances are you won’t even know about it until it is too late, as you are probably too busy focusing on your business rather than what is being played to your callers. Worse still, you could be playing completely inappropriate music to your callers.

 With customized telephone messages on hold, you have complete control over what messages and music is played to your callers – and with Corporate Sound’s message on hold programs you pay an outright fee, so once you’ve paid for your product, you don’t pay anything else … unless you want to update your messages, and we will do that for a very competitive rate anyway.

Your phone time with your callers is invaluable; so make the most of it, and educate and entertain them with professional produced audio and music productions for your on hold system.

Call the telephone on hold specialists today at Corporate Sound.

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