Offensive Radio Advertising

Radio commercials | Radio AdvertisingIs there a fine line between what is considered to be comedy and offensive advertising? Recently, Queensland car dealers, Llewellyn Holden had a radio commercial pulled from the air after it was found to be offensive.

The advertisement, which featured a radio advertisement containing a jingle with the words “we can’t be beaten”, followed by a voiceover stating “Llewellyn Holden won’t be beaten, just like a drum that’s next to a guy with no arms.”

By nature, Australians do have a go at each other, it is part of our comedy act … but has this advertisement taken it just a tad too far?

Llewellyn Holden made a statement saying they did not mean to offend, and that they advertisement was “presented in a comedic frame and not discrimination”. They believed their advertising material to be well in the guidelines of the Australian Standards Bureau, however as they meant no malice have chosen to pull the advertisements.

Has this campaign been lost in it entirety, or do you think it has gained from the extra coverage it got from the complaints made? Sure, there were a few customers offended by the content, but do you think there customers could see it how it was intended, as a joke?

When it comes to radio advertising, (or any advertising for that matter) serious thought needs to be put into the content of your marketing material. One small line could affect your brand in all the wrong ways for many years to come, while another line could boost awareness.

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