What Businesses can Learn from the Kardashians

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You may hate them, despise them and can’t even bear to look at them, but there is definitely no denying that the Kardashian clan are a very astute business bunch. In 2010, they made $65 million dollars, not just from their reality TV show, but also other business ventures, such as endorsements, products and appearances. Hate them as much as you want, but the Kardashians are a very lucrative business, and businesses around the globe can most certainly learn a thing or two from them.

Tapping into Every Opportunity

Kardashian mum, Kris, never misses a beat! And while many consider her over the top, she has helped her children cash in on some massive deals over the last decade. They are at the forefront with modern trends and they have their hand in many pies.

While they understand who and what their target market is, and as they grow, they are figuring out new ways to increase their proportion of the market and lend their name to bigger and better ventures.

Are they over exposing themselves? Sure, they’ve made mistakes and probably will again in the future – but their growth strategy isn’t about a long lasting brand, I guess they’re aware they could lose their popularity at any time, and are making the most of the now.

While businesses must think of their future, they must also consider how they can get the best and most out of now, without being too greedy. Identify the best ways to cleverly build your brand and awareness, and leverage on opportunities that could help you build a successful empire.

They are Relatable

The one thing their realty TV series has shown is that while they are super rich and famous, they are just like any other person. They make mistakes; they worry about what people think and their lives don’t live out like fairy tales.

Customers want to relate with businesses also, and the more your customers trust you, the more they will do business with you. It’s as simple as that!

Social Media Does Work

If anything, the Kardashians have shown what social media can do for a brand. They can demand thousands upon thousands of dollars for a simple tweet. Yes they have the following, but they have worked hard to build it, and they are constantly engaging with their fan-base.

Businesses have the potential to leverage off these online social networks, and build relationships with their customers and convert sales. It takes time and it takes strategy, but let me tell you it can really pay off.

Deal with the Bad

Let’s face it; they’ve had their fair share of bad times, yet they have ridden these tumultuous rides with composure. They are a transparent business, that is how they have built it, and what comes with the good, comes with the bad also. They find ways to turn the negative into a positive.

Take for instance when Kim put on all that weight from her pregnancy, she made a fortune to lose it. This brand can seriously turn anything into Gold!

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are a very successful business and brand. The team here at Corporate Sound may not love everything they do, but we respect how they have built an empire.

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