Two Of Australia’s Most Offensive TV Advertisements 2014

The Advertising Standards Bureau has released a report about the most complained about television advertisements from 2014 so far.

According to the report, of the top 10 reported television commercials, none of them were actually pulled from the air. Complaints ranged from being too sexist, degrading, embarrassing, explicit and over the top.

The two-standout television commercials that received complaints were:

Be Real Launch – Carefree TV Commercial Ad 

This advertisement received a total of 185 complaints, mainly because the advertisement was too explicit in its detail about menstruation. I guess their aim of “Be Real” was a little too real for some viewers … with one complaint stating: “It is unnecessary, confronting, embarrassing and degrading.”

Sam Kekovich – lamb on Australia Day

I have to be honest, Sam Kekovich and his lamb advertisements always get a giggle out of me, but it seems not everyone who watched it found it funny. In fact, this television commercial received a total of 80 complaints.

Viewers complained about the advertisement being homophobic, with Sam mistaking a lesbian for a man, and then implying that kids won’t grow up to be strong if they don’t eat lamb. Sam even handed a young boy with a single that read “Vegan and Proud” a lamb chop, and urged other “If you don’t have frogs of your own, then teach someone else’s how it’s done.”

The team here at Corporate Sound are very intrigued with the complaints made to the Advertising Standards Bureau. There are often many debates in our office as to whether or not we are losing the Australian humour and innocence once implied by our television commercials to those who read too deeply into what is meant by the television commercials, or are we now in a time and place where we must be more conservative in our approach?

The world of advertising is a marvellous field, yet it is constantly changing and conforming, keeping advertisers on their toes. Corporate Sound helps many businesses with their radio and TV advertisements through out audio production service. For more information on how you can get a compelling audio production for your next television campaign, call us today.

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