Get a Workout With Audio Advertising

Get your gym pumping with professionally produced audio advertising. Play it on your telephone lines, through the radio or in your gym and let your customers know everything there is to know about your personal trainers and your facilities.Audio for the Fitness Industry

Corporate Sound is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and producers of high quality audio productions for businesses around the country. Our productions aren’t just limited to being played on the radio, but rather you can use them across a number of channels to help get give your fitness business the workout it needs.

Here are just some of the benefits of audio advertising.

Reinforce your brand with Music and Messages On Hold

Branding is an ongoing exercise, and just because you’ve managed to get your phone to ring through external advertising campaigns, you shouldn’t stop your branding internally. Your telephone on hold gives you valuable ‘airtime’ with customers, who already have an interest in your business, reinforce what you do, your values and your products with complimentary music and informative audio messages. Not only will it distract your callers from the fact they are on hold, but it will also help educate them about your products and services – especially the ones they may not know about – for instance your boot camps or mumma’s fitness groups.

Encourage your Customers

Give your callers or potential customers a push with your audio advertising. Give them a little inspiration with a carefully written audio advertisement that you can play through the radio, online, in the gym or over the phone. Get your customers excited about your business!

Encourage Staff

Audio advertising offers a new way to get your staff motivated. Invest in a couple of professional productions inspiring your staff, and send it to them on their smartphones or through social media. Even better, play it in your gym.

Increase Sales

Audio advertising is a great way to promote your secondary products and services, in a non-confrontational way. So while your staff are getting them fit and toned, use your audio advertising to inspire, educate and sell.

Audio advertising is a great medium for any business, and the savvy fitness marketer will be able to use it in ample ways to inspire, motivate and educate. Contact the ultra friendly team at Corporate Sound today and find out how you can get your fitness business pumping with a professionally produced audio production. Call us on 07 5551 0260.

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