Radio Sponsorship Packages

Radio Sponsorship

When it comes to radio advertising, there is a myriad of advertising packages available to you, choosing the right one for your brand will be pivotal to your overall radio advertising’s return on investment.

Radio sponsorship packages are fast becoming a popular choice, as your sponsorship advertisements are broadcast with other popular segments such as sport, weather, news and competitions, and are usually bought up continuously during a certain time period – giving your brand more exposure and drawing more attention to your planned radio commercial schedule.

Sport, Weather and News

Sponsoring the sport, weather and news is an effective strategy, as often many listeners are specifically listening out for these segments on radio. Your sponsorship is usually a 10-15 spiel about your company and how you are sponsoring the segment in question. Those listening out specifically for news about the day’s weather, a recent sports event of local news will more than likely also hear the introduction about your company, and are then more likely to recognised your brand when your radio commercials are played throughout the day.

Radio Competitions

Radio competitions can give you a significant amount of exposure, but will also cost you the prize of the competition, along with advertising and permit costs (if required for your competition). Competitions generate a lot of interest, as people in general love getting things for free and having the opportunity to win a great prize. The radio announcer really jazzy these competitions up and get the listeners excited.

Get Strategic with Radio Advertising

When it comes to radio advertising, there are lots of strategic ways for you to really get your customers listening to what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to ask your media representatives about the different packages they have to offer.

Sponsorship opportunities are just one of the options, there are also LIVE broadcasts and open days that can be very beneficial to certain businesses.

The Team at Corporate Sound

While the team at Corporate Sound are not media planners, and therefore can’t schedule and book your radio advertising, we certainly can create a captivating and compelling audio production for your next radio commercial campaign. Call us today.

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