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McDonalds Gets New “Maccas” Nickname for Australia Day

In honour of this month containing the Australia Day holiday, 13 McDonalds restaurants around the country will change the signage of the name to Maccas and roll out a series of promtions to highlight it including the above commercial. It's … Continue reading

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Israel Kills Top Hamas Leader in Airstrike Attack

The latest Israeli air raid on the Gaza strip has caused a lot of damage and a lot of outrage. Killing 9 people including top Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jaabari, and an 11 month old baby, the controversial move by … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong Tumbles From His Pedestal

The verdict is out and it doesn't look good for Lance. Following last week's 1,000 page case file regarding the anti-doping allegations, more than 6 major brands dropped the famous spokesman overnight. Nike was the big one, citing "seemingly insurmountable … Continue reading

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