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What Businesses can Learn from the Kardashians

Business Forward Kardashians You may hate them, despise them and can’t even bear to look at them, but there is definitely no denying that the Kardashian clan are a very astute business bunch. In 2010, they made $65 million dollars, … Continue reading

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Australian Population Hits 23 Million

As of sometime last night, Australia's official population has hit 23 million people. This growth is aboce the average world growth of 1.1 percent, with Australia achieving 1.7 percent. This growth is more due to migration than actual births, with … Continue reading

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What Australians can Learn from Finland’s Top Rated in the World School System

Most of us know Finland as that little country in the north of Europe, where they probably eat a lot of fish, and where Nokia first came from. But Finland has a lot more than that going for it. Rated … Continue reading

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Israel Kills Top Hamas Leader in Airstrike Attack

The latest Israeli air raid on the Gaza strip has caused a lot of damage and a lot of outrage. Killing 9 people including top Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jaabari, and an 11 month old baby, the controversial move by … Continue reading

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Did you Know Corporate Sound Offers International Voice Talent?

We, like most of our competition, have a complete and varied selection of Australian voice talent complete with samples and bios so you can choose which sound best suits your needs. But I bet you didn't realise that we also … Continue reading

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